Special education case law studies

Janelle, a sixth grade student, is having learning difficulties in school. This has been an ongoing issue with Janelle however her parents did not agree to services offered in the past. IEP: identify and refer, special education case law studies, determine eligibility, IEP, and reevaluate.

The first four steps will be discussed with respect to Janelle throughout this paper. Janelle had been receiving services in the elementary school setting as per a 504 plan implemented in the third grade however the transition to middle school and her doctor has suggested further accommodations may be necessary. Office of Special Services, upon receipt of the referral, will begin the timeline to insure that the process is conducted in a timely and orderly manner. The brochure is a description and explanation of all actions proposed and sources that will aid their understanding. The meeting must be held within 10 business days from the date the referral is received. The assessments must comply with all evaluation procedures. Any existing data reviewed in the evaluation process does not need parental consent.

If both are completed then Janelle may be eligible for counseling services. Various programs are offered for assistance to students like Janelle and her mother. Concerns that may be addressed by SAT include work habits and behavior concerns. The SAT chair at each of the schools may be the principal, the guidance counselor, or a teacher. More specifically services for Janelle may include team taught classes as well as basic skills which may be a self contained class.