Al capone military career

Al Capone al capone military career one of the most infamous characters from American history. Al Capone’s career as a crime boss in Prohibition-Era Chicago is very well known. Valentine’s Day Massacre and other violent “gangland” Chicago activities during the 20s and 30s lands him squarely in the “Who’s Who of American Criminals.

Nevertheless for all his violent crimes, either committed by himself or by members of his gang, he really is, in certain respects, no different than many successful businessmen. While parts of his life were surprisingly ordinary, his racketeering enterprises were far from the norm. Here are 15 facts you may not know about Al Capone that make his life a continual interest to the public. Capone, unlike similar gangsters of his era, did not come from an impoverished background.

He infamously rose to fame as the boss of the Chicago Mafia during the period, known as Prohibition. 100 million before he was sentenced for tax evasion and sent to Alcatraz in 1931. Born in Brooklyn, New York to Italian immigrant parents, Capone was raised by his mother who was a seamstress, and his father who made a living as a barber. Al, whose actual name was Alphonse, was one of eight children living a typical immigrant lifestyle in the heart of New York City.